New Product

Halo V2 - Clip-on

Our smarts, your carts. Powered by our cutting edge computer vision and machine learning technology, you can superpower your existing fleet with our clip-on solution.

  • Designed to fit any trolley from 103L to 212L.
  • Modular hardware makes maintenance easy.

Superpower your store.

Blend the online experience and insights into your physical stores with the Imagr system.

Top customer benefits:
Feedback from customers of one of our retail partners in Europe

Time saving

“Simple, easy, time-saving”


“ have an overview about your expenses that you really know exactly how expensive the purchase is"


“The important thing is that it is no different from a normal purchase per se”

Sleak customisable design.

98L of space gives plenty of room for an everyday shop.

No downtime, with 12+ hours of battery life on each cart.

The world's most advanced image recognition technology…. at your disposal.

Gain ultimate insight from product arrival till shopper exit.

Personalised recommendations

Build shopper profiles and provide personalised recommendations.

Inventory control

Track stock from delivery to cart to checkout.

Redistribute labour

Use shopper data to put your team to work where it counts.

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