H2O Retailing

H2O is a multi-billion dollar Japanese retail conglomerate. It operates around 150 Oasis and Izumiya supermarkets, concentrated in the Kansai region.

The Imagr system is currently being trialled as an experiment to the public in the first of H2O’s 150 stores. The Imagr system was set up without ever needing to close the store. Imagr Brand Ambassadors will work with Oasis staff onsite to ensure the customer journey is supported while the system is introduced and adopted by customers.

Oasis Nakanoshima:

Size: ~9,000sqft (~850sqm)
SKUs: ~8,000
Location: Osaka, Japan
Shoppable products: ~100%
Data processed per product recognition during a shop: 400KB
Initial company SKU set onboarding: ~2 weeks

How does it work for H2O?
● Each store receives the full Imagr system.
● Full integration with H2O’s POS system, Toshiba Tec, which enables live pricing, discounts + product information to be reflected each time a customer places an item in the cart.
● New SKUs (more than 10 per day) are imaged by staff daily using the Imaging Station
● No Imagr engineers required in-store
● Customers pair and shop with carts via Imagr’s app

How does it work for Imagr?
● Updating the AI for new products is fully automated, with no Imagr engineer support required.
● All new stores will use the same centralised AI model

“H2O has been the best innovation partner we could have asked for - they’ve worked with us every step of the way, and enabled us to bring a groundbreaking product to market”
William Chomley, CEO and Founder, Imagr