Imagr gives supermarkets superpowers.

We have built the first vision-only, white-label autonomous checkout solution that retailers can own, operate and scale themselves. Imagr is designed to layer into any supermarket, with no store fit-outs required. Mobile hardware, adaptable software.

Supermarket retailers are the hero of our story, and we empower them to create a more efficient, and more enjoyable shopping experience for their customers. Our deeply powerful proprietary AI doesn’t need barcodes. It just knows what you’re putting in the cart… or taking out of it…

We are a privately funded company.

"We looked globally for the most promising
automated checkout provider and settled on
Imagr as the most advanced technology of its kind."

Masami Uchiyama, Executive Vice President and Director, Toshiba Tec Corporation

Our team is comprised of world leading experts from;