Powerful imaging technology, fit into a sleek shopping cart. Imagr seamlessly integrates into supermarkets to create a truly frictionless retail experience.

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Frictionless checkout has checked in.

Unlike other frictionless checkout solutions, Imagr is designed to layer into any supermarket, with no store fit-outs required. Mobile hardware, adaptable software. Imagr is the first truly scalable retail solution.

Everything you need to take your store into the frictionless checkout future.

The Cart

More than a cart with smarts.

A custom designed shopping trolley that integrates The Halo into the frame. Turning the act of placing products into a cart, into the most natural checkout experience

Sleek customisable design.

98L of space gives plenty of room for an everyday shop.

No downtime, with 12+ hours of battery life on each cart.

The Halo

Say Halo to the world's most advanced image recognition technology.

Until now, the shopping industry has relied on the age old, trusted barcode. We’re saying goodbye to vintage technology. Packing the most advanced image recognition technology in the world into a shopping cart.

No more barcodes

Advanced image recognition means The Halo knows whats going in or out of the cart without the need for barcodes.

Instant feedback

Less than 1 second latency in image recognition. Lightning fast from cart to phone.

Low data footprint

Running the Imagr system in one store uses the the same amount of data as watching Netflix on HD for the day.

Seeing products, not people.

Our system is designed to only focus on the products, and nothing else - peace of mind that your shoppers are protected.

User Software

Checkout in your shoppers' hands

Our in-house built intelligent app puts the checkout in the customers' hands (or pocket). When paired with the cart, the app captures all the ins and outs of each shopping trip.

A system you can truly own

Our operations app for store staff sees everything the carts do, giving your team the ability to manage the whole system inhouse.

Our API framework plugs into your POS system, enabling a truly frictionless shopping experience for both you and your customers.

Imaging Station

Lights, camera, image.

Our proprietary machine learning platform partners up with multiple cameras and lights to drive our Imaging Station. Getting new products imaged and on shelf for customers in minutes.

Lightning Fast

200 images captured per product within 20 seconds. On shelf in minutes.

Fail Proof

Simple and seamless product onboarding integrated with automated image checking that anyone can execute.


Image once and send to all of your stores. Centralised and efficient distribution.


Join us to re-think the way the world shops.