Let’s change the way the world shops. No queues, no scanning - AI-powered smart carts built for retailers, demanded by shoppers.

See Imagr in action

Scalable frictionless checkout has checked in. Imagr seamlessly layers into stores and systems with no infrastructure changes required, simply unbox and plug-in.


We provide everything you need to get started. Simply unbox and plug-in.


Simple and fast imaging builds an AI model of your products and adds them to your system database.

On Shelf

Once the product is onboarded it will be recognised by the carts in all of your stores that use the Imagr system.


Shoppers pair to the cart using their phone or via fixed tablet - using your existing in-store app or ours.


Shoppers naturally place their items into the cart. These are immediately registered on the app as they go in, or out.


Shoppers pay how they want, take their bags and exit.

The Halo - Modular

Our smarts, your carts. Powered by our cutting edge computer vision and machine learning technology, you can superpower your existing fleet with our modular clip-on solution.

  • Designed to fit any trolley from 103L to 212L.
  • Modular hardware makes maintenance easy.

Built for retailers, demanded by shoppers.

Whether you’re removing customer or store ops friction points, uplifting the in-store experience or hungry for rich insights, Imagr's here to help.


We’ve had more than enough of the queue, forcing people to scan barcodes, closing down or rebuilding stores, and augmenting the natural shopping journey. Enable your teams to serve, and your customers to shop.

In-store experience

Guide and engage with your customers in-store with real-time product information, from allergens to flash discounts and personalised offers. Empower your staff to become service orientated, curating meaningful experiences between customers and your products.

Data driven

Blend your eCommerce capabilities in-store by obtaining product, location and customer data as the customer journey unfolds. Real-time dashboards ensure that the entire organisation will be better equipped to to make data backed decisions.

Building your product database is simple and centralised.

Our machine learning platform partners up with multiple cameras and lights to drive our Imaging Station. Getting new products imaged and loaded into your stores database, ready for customers to shop in minutes.

Lightning Fast

160 images captured per product within 20 seconds. On shelf in minutes.

Fail Proof

Simple and seamless product onboarding integrated with automated image checking that anyone can execute.


Image once and send to all of your stores. Centralised and efficient distribution.

Put the checkout in your shoppers hands

When paired with the trolley, the app captures all the ins and outs of each shopping trip.

  • Your brand, your app - utilise our API framework to integrate the functionality into existing apps.

  • Integrated with your POS - shoppers can pay via the app and receive receipts instantly.

  • Personalised recommendations - Utilise your loyalty schemes.

Full control and valuable insight for retailers

Our operations app gives your team the ability to manage the whole system inhouse and utilise valuable insights.

  • Full control - Decide when interventions are needed based on real data.
  • Data driven decisions - Reporting tools enable to streamline operations and optimise customer experience.
  • Your store, your rules - Receive alerts when activities that might be suspicious occur.