Welcome to IMAGR


If you’ve ever asked, “Why are we still queuing in retail stores?” Then you’re close to understanding the new retail experience that IMAGR has created.

56% of people say they would change supermarket for a faster check out experience. Are you one of them? Queuing at the supermarket is one of life’s most unpopular activities.

That’s why IMAGR has a created a new and better way. An innovative, fill-and-go, frictionless retail solution, that is putting the joy back into the shopping experience. We’ve made it faster, more personalised, and more fun than ever before.

Imagine That.





IMAGR’s SmartCart is made up of four cameras and the world’s most powerful AI vision recognition system. SmartCart integrates with your current business operations, and doesn’t require a major capital outlay or structural overhaul. 



How it works


In just three easy steps, a retailer is operational with SmartCart and can scale to as many stores as they like.



Incorporate your inventory
into our proprietary AI



Install our simple infrastructure
(WiFi and SmartCarts)



Integrate IMAGR’s service technology
- and switch it on. It’s ready to go